About us

First, why InnerBHAV Name?

Bh-aa-V (pronunciation). भाव / Bh-aa-V/ BHAV is a Sanskrit word which means “emotions" or simply put "inner state of mind" and thereby creating feelings (pleasant or unpleasant) manifested from those BHAV’s. Mental health isn't just about the brain health, but is about how we think, feel and act and that’s why InnerBHAV.

Now, About us:

InnerBHAV is a positive, ethical, collaborative telehealth mission that fosters a highly driven group of private practice providers. BHAV is a single word for the collective emotions - bhav; an expression that happens internally a sense of emptiness, loneliness, a bhav of joy, a bhav of bliss, a BHAV of sadness and a bhav of loss which we then say grief!

Our founder envisions the possibility of touching as many as possible via telemed, who silently suffer day after day and year after year hoping their life will change and improve but majority of those who need mental health care suffer in silence due to scarcity of high-quality mental health services, stigma, accessibility, and treatment gaps.

We work from a holistic approach to help and support our clients in uncovering their healed selves. We are aware that one approach will not simply work therefore our master level trained counselors and coaches work with you to design compassionately what works with your life, your schedule, and your journey no matter what the painful point is, I assure you we will work with you no matter how long it will take.

Let's Unpack and HEAL.